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Keeping poultry can be one of the joys of country living, and Tarff Town & Country stocks everything for the enthusiast, whether operating on a large or a small scale.


Choose from our special selection of books for the poultry-keeper, to guide you through all the stages from beginner to experienced operator.

Check out our stock of poultry equipment, from egg boxes and trays, to drinkers and feeders. Coloured hen rings are a useful aid to the identification of your birds.

Bags of poultry feed, shavings, straw and hay are available in large and smaller quantities. Grit is available in 25 kilo bags.

Electric fencing

Electric fencing is effective in containing both domestic and commercially-kept chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese. It can also deter predators such as foxes and badgers. We stock Rutland electric netting kits, which are easy to erect and move. They are ideal for relatively small areas of domestic poultry. For large commercial flocks, nets are used as an inner fence or sub-division.

Healthcare for your poultry

We stock a range of products to keep your poultry healthy. They include tonics, or vitamin drench, and wormers, such as Verm-X, the award-winning product that is 100 per cent natural. Net-tex Total Mite Kill is a popular remedy to tackle the common poultry problem of red mite.

Tarff Town & Country's animal health section supplies all your poultry healthcare needs, under the supervision of our qualified staff.