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Pets & Accessories

Whatever breed of pet you care for - from dogs and cats to goats and donkeys - we stock the widest choice of food and accessories to keep them happy and healthy. Bulk quantities of pet food are available in our comprehensive feed store.


Dogs and cats

For dogs and cats, choose from our range of major brands of tinned or bagged food, including Farmer's Choice, Tarff's own brand. For dogs, our varieties include Pal, Pedigree, Skinner's and Wilson's. Well-known brands for cats include Felix, Whiskas, Omega and Go-cat. We also stock a wide selection of treats and snacks.

Choose from our range of beds and crates, toys, bowls, shampoos, grooming sets and brushes and - for cats - a scratching post. Collars and leads are available in leather or fabric in a wide range of colours. Petcare essentials also include Frontline and worming tablets, flea powder, flea and tick collars and household flea spray.

Wildlife in your garden

A wide variety of bird houses, tables, food and feeders is available here. We stock a range of seed, peanut and fatball feeders, including special squirrel-proof feeders. Choose a butterfly box or ladybird house, and encourage these favourite species into your garden. Larger bags of bird food are available in 20 kilos for wild bird seed and 25 kilos for peanuts.

Other pets

Our products for other pets include:

  • feeding bowls and drinking bottles for rabbits
  • pet food and treats for rabbits and guinea pigs, ferrets and pet rats
  • goat feed and donkey feed

Healthcare for your pet

Tarff Town & Country's animal health section supplies all your pet healthcare needs, under the supervision of our qualified staff.